Job - July 3, 1994

Job 38‑41  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
After Elihu had finished speaking to Job, God Himself spoke to Job. He spoke from the midst of a whirlwind and showed Job how great His creation is and how little Job was compared to it.
He also taught Job that all of this wonderful creation was ordered and controlled by Himself and that Job was so insignificant that he was not able to change one thing about it.
After showing Job His greatness and glory through creation, He asked Job if he was able to say anything in reply to God. Job confessed that he was wrong and that he had nothing to say to God in defense of himself.
Let’s rest now while you look for the following verses:
1. The Lord Jesus said that He and ____________ , His Father, are one.
John 10:___
2. Those who lived in Jerusalem were so afraid of the Jewish religious leaders that no one would ____________ openly about the Lord Jesus.
John 7:___
3. Unbelievers will make fun of the Lord’s coming, because they think everything is the same as it was at the beginning of ____________ .
2 Peter 3:___
4. It is the Lord Jesus’ desire to have His own with Him so that they can see the ____________ which God the Father has given to Him. John 17:___
5. The people were afraid to ____________ the name of Jesus because of the threats of the Jewish leaders who hated Him. John 9:___