Jonah 1: February 1997

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The story of Jonah is perhaps the best known of the “minor prophets” in the Old Testament. Jonah prophesies very little about future events, except for the warning given to Nineveh. Instead, we read the wonderful story of how God works in grace and patience with one of His dear servants. This wonderful account contains many beautiful and important lessons.
God told Jonah to go to a very great and wicked Gentile city called Nineveh. He was to preach a message of coming judgment if the people of Nineveh did not repent from their wicked ways. Rather than obey the voice of the Lord, however, poor Jonah tried to run away from his responsibility by getting on a ship that was headed in a different direction.
The Lord sent a great storm against the ship. This storm was so sudden and terrible that even the heathen sailors knew that a Power greater than themselves had caused its fury. Jonah, who had been sleeping in the ship, was awakened and confessed that he was the reason for the storm. Though they tried very hard to control the ship, the sailors realized that the only way to save themselves was to obey what Jonah had told them to do. They were to throw him overboard into the raging sea.
As soon as they obeyed Jonah, two things happened: (1) the storm became calm and the sea immediately ceased raging, and, (2) a great fish, specially prepared by the Lord, swallowed Jonah alive. Jonah spent three days and nights inside the great fish before he was finally set free.
Before learning more about Jonah in our journey through the Bible, we will rest while you find the following verses.
1. The Apostle Paul told the Jews that through the ____________ of the Lord Jesus Christ even the Gentiles might be saved and brought into blessing.
Acts 15:___
2. Paul told Timothy to constantly ____________ the Word of God, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 4:___
3. The mighty power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus caused many people to believe and to ____________ their evil deeds. Acts 19:___
4. Paul told his beloved Philippian brethren that he was going away. But even though he would no longer be with them, they were to ____________ as they had always done when he was with them. Philippians 2:___
5. It is only the Son of God that can make a person be truly ____________ .
John 8:___
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