Jonah 2: March 1997

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Jonah must have felt very sad, realizing that it was his disobedience which caused the Lord to create the great fish that had swallowed him up. But Jonah truly loved the Lord, and when he found himself in such serious circumstances, he prayed to the only One who could help him. He realized that there in the belly of the great fish he could do nothing to help himself.
Even in the midst of such a terrible affliction, Jonah did not forget the Lord. This was a wonderful proof of his faith in Jehovah, his God. Another proof of his faith in God, who would deliver him, was that while still inside the fish, Jonah thanked God. He confessed that salvation was from Him alone. The Lord then, in great loving-kindness, caused the fish to release Jonah. How very happy and thankful Jonah must have been!
We will stop for a while in our journey through the Bible while you find the following verses.
1. The rich, young ruler was ____________ when he heard the Lord Jesus tell him to sell all of his possessions and follow Jesus. Mark 10:___
2. The naughty things that children of ____________ do will bring the wrath (anger) of God on them for their sin. Colossians 3:___
3. When the Apostle Paul considered how wonderful eternal glory with the Lord Jesus would be, he described as “light” the ____________ through which believers pass. 2 Corinthians 4:___
4. The Jewish religious leaders had agreed among themselves to let no one come into their synagogue (the place where the Jewish people went to learn about Jehovah) who ____________ that Jesus was Christ, the Messiah.
John 9:___
5. The Apostle Peter told those to whom he wrote that if they suffered for doing what was pleasing to God (righteousness), they would be ____________ .
1 Peter 3:___
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