Luke 21: April 2002

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
While in Jerusalem, Jesus noticed how people made donations to the treasury of God. Some cast in a lot and some a little. A poor widow cast in only two mites. Why did the Lord say that she cast more into the offerings of God than all the others? She gave 100%; the others didn’t.
Herod built the temple with magnificent stones. When the people called this to the Lord’s attention, He said that not one stone would be left standing. Not only did He predict the future of that temple, but He spoke of persecution of those who followed Him. They were to look to Him, and such wisdom would be given that their adversaries would not be able to gainsay or resist their words. (You will see an illustration of this in Acts 6:1010And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake. (Acts 6:10).) Even so, some of them would be put to death, but not a hair of their head would perish. They may die, but they would never perish!
Much of what is related in this chapter is yet to be fulfilled or is even taking place today. Do we not see men’s hearts failing them today because of fear, both of natural calamities and of God’s judgment? God is very gracious and patient, not willing that any should perish, but eventually His judgment will fall on evildoers. The words of the Lord Jesus will come to pass, even though heaven and earth pass away.
What a favored city Jerusalem was! But Jesus did not spend the night there. He went out to the Mount of Olives, there to rest and pray. Although maker of heaven and earth, He was here as a homeless stranger.
1. What did the Lord say about the poor widow who cast more into the ____________ of God than the rich? Luke 21:___
2. What would the Lord give His disciples that their adversaries would not be able to ____________ nor resist? Luke 21:___
3. Although some of the disciples would be put to death, what would not happen to a ____________ of their head? Luke 21:___
4. Why would men’s ____________ be failing them for fear? Luke 21:___
5. In the daytime the Lord taught in the temple. When He went __________ , where did He spend the night? Luke 21:___