Micah Through Malachi: May 1997

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After the prophet Jonah, there are seven other prophets who were inspired by God to write the prophecies that He gave to them. These prophets all had very important things to tell the people of God as well as those who were enemies of the nation of Israel. God loves His people, and they will be blessed according to His will. But because of their disobedience, He allowed and will allow many sad things to happen to them until they turn to Him in faith.
Even though there are many warnings given in these prophetic books, there are also many wonderful verses of comfort which tell of God’s unchangeable love and His desire to bless His beloved people. There are also solemn warnings given against those Gentile nations who, though allowed by God to punish the nation of Israel, took great delight in the pain and sorrow they inflicted upon God’s people.
These prophets all tell of things that yet have to be accomplished. After the Lord Jesus comes to take all believers home to the Father’s house to be with Him forever, these prophecies will have their final fulfillment.
We’ll rest now in our journey through the Bible, while you look for the following verses:
1. When the Lord Jesus took the little infants in His arms, He ____________ them. Mark 10:___
2. God’s wrath (“anger”) comes on the children of ____________ .
Colossians 3:___
3. The Apostle Paul wept as he ____________ believers about the coming attacks of the enemy of their souls. Acts 20:___
4. Those who love the Lord Jesus should try to ____________ the “feebleminded.” 1 Thessalonians 5:___
5. The ____________ that was built on a rock was able to withstand the rains and floods. Luke 6:___
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