Prefatory Note

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WE have been permitted to send forth this paper for five years under its present title. It seems almost impossible. How swiftly has the time rolled away! But God has been very good. He has helped us marvelously, and given us cause to praise Him continually for all His mercy. It seems to many, perhaps, that the preparation and general conduct of a paper like this is a very simple matter: but there are kind helpers and contributors who understand that it means perpetual thought and care, and an amount of labor such as only those who undertake it can fully appreciate.
But what a joy it has been! What a blessed service it has proved! Why, scores and scores of dear friends have told us how the clouds have cleared away and the sunshine of God’s love has entered their hearts through the perusal of some simple article setting forth the glorious fulness of God’s great salvation. This is that which rejoices us, dear reader. Oh, surely if we have been so greatly blessed ourselves, we ought to be filled with thanksgiving when God’s Word proves a blessing, whether to the sinner, the weary-hearted, or to the child of God.
What about those lovely words in the parable, which say, “When He cometh home He calleth together His friends and neighbors, saying unto them, REJOICE WITH ME!” He desires that we should rejoice with Him—and why? because He had “found” the “sheep which was lost.” Let us then, dear Christian reader, more than ever REJOICE WITH HIM. There is deep meaning in the Scripture, “Therefore WITH JOY shall ye draw water out of the wells of Salvation” (Isa. 3:33The captain of fifty, and the honorable man, and the counsellor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator. (Isaiah 3:3)).
We record our earnest thanks to all who have helped us during this eventful year. Thank the Lord, more friends have taken an interest in this publication than ever. We have received most useful articles from very many old, and also from some new friends. We are grateful to God for putting it into their hearts to write, for without this assistance our periodical could not continue. For reasons known to some, but which it is not necessary to refer to particularly, we accept this as a very special indication that GOD is with us.
We are looking forward with pleasure, please God, to introduce several new features into the magazine during the coming year, and we venture to ask all who can, to assist in the circulation of the periodical.
Although it is but a very humble messenger, yet our heartfelt desire is that it might be distributed in the dark villages of our beloved land, and prove in the future a greater blessing to many of our fellow men and women than it has ever been in the past.
We conclude with sincere gratitude to God, who has graciously vouchsafed to us increased physical strength to continue this service. We also offer our truest greetings to every interested Christian friend who has prayed for or helped us in any way, and with fervent desires for the highest blessing of all, whether you are a true believer, or even if yet without a real knowledge of Christ as your Saviour, we are, your friend,
December, 1902. THE EDITOR.