Psalm 21

Psalm 21  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The divine answer to the cry of the suffering Messiah
In Psalm 21 we get the full answer to Psalm 20 and its desires, in the exaltation of Christ, throwing its light back on the true character of that psalm. The king rejoices in Jehovah’s strength and exults in deliverance through it. What this is is then unfolded. The faithful longing of the remnant was that Jehovah would grant the suffering Messiah according to His own heart, that He would fulfill His petitions. Now in the exaltation of Christ they can say-the Spirit says for them-Thou, Jehovah, hast given Him His heart’s desire, and not withholden the request of His lips. Nay, He was met by Jehovah’s free and willing love towards Him, with the blessing of goodness, and was gloriously crowned by Him. But what had really passed and been done is more minutely revealed. He had asked life of Jehovah. (Compare Hebrews 5.) He gave it Him, but it was length of days forever and ever, the abiding eternal life of the risen glorified man. That was the answer to the cry of the suffering Messiah when death was before Him. And this is clearly seen in what follows. His glory is great in this deliverance by Jehovah’s delight. He was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father. Jehovah has laid honor and majesty upon Him. He has made Him most blessed forever and glad with Jehovah’s countenance. Such was the suffering Messiah’s deliverance, the divine answer to His cry, His being glorified as the suffering man. It is not the wrath of God which He is here viewed as undergoing; on the contrary, help is looked for from Jehovah when He is brought low. We have already seen the result of this-judgment on His enemies. Man’s enmity and devices are seen. Man’s judgment follows. The king’s right hand finds out all His enemies. Jehovah shall swallow them up. It is not His atoning sufferings which are seen here, but the mischievous devices of men. Hence His sufferings do not bring peace, but judgment.
We have here, then, Christ suffering and crying to Jehovah; Christ exalted as man, crowned with glory and honor; Christ executing judgment on His enemies. In the three psalms we have the witness of creation, the witness of law, and the Messiah’s (the true and faithful Witness) sufferings and exaltation-the true final witness of the righteous ways of God. This must be a revelation of all importance to the remnant in the latter day for suffering or for assured deliverance. Christ has suffered as man from men and for faithfulness; and judgment on men will be the consequence; meanwhile He is exalted on high. But He has suffered for sin from God. The facts connected with this last suffering are unfolded to us in Psalm 22 with its results also.