The Two Suppers

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THE supper at which we now sit is called "The Lord's Supper." The supper at which we shall sit, is called " The Supper of the Lamb." There is beautiful fitness in this; for we. do not need to be reminded now that Christ is the Lamb, our standing grace tells us that. But we have need to be reminded, that He who established us in grace through His rejection and death here, is the Lord; so in the kingdom we shall not need to be reminded that Christ is the Lord-our standing in glory will tell us that every tongue is then confessing it. (Phil. 2) But we shall have need to be reminded that He who has established us in glory is the Lamb, and this eating of the two suppers expresses the saint's communion with grace and glory. Eating is the constant symbol in Scripture of communion. " Know ye not that they which eat of the sacrifice are partakers of the altar," and so we now feed in grace, we shall feed in glory, we are now learning the one, and we shall learn the other.