Connection by the Spirit

Hebrews 10:20  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
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The rent veil of the flesh of Jesus (Heb. 10:2020By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; (Hebrews 10:20)), is the way opened of God to man, and for man to God. God, and all that He is, is free in this way to meet the sinner, and the sinner (without a veil on his heart) is free to meet God. This way of access (and this way only) measures perfectly what sin, in God's sight, is.... while it proclaims peace to the sinner, upon the ground of the penalty having been met. Grace reigns through righteousness; and we know it.
But our connection with the Blessed One, who, once dead, now lives, is solely through faith and by the Spirit. And thus God's estimate of sin and righteousness are made our own; and then vital union with the Head leads, by the Holy Ghost, to self judgment: the divine nature given to us leads to the same thing, and the church-habitation of God, through the Spirit, enforces the same. If we fail to walk in the Spirit, and get into the flesh, the moral government of God, in his family, conies in to prevent our sinking down into the world's judgment: and we are judged of the Lord, and chastened, that we may not be condemned with the world. G. W.