104. Not All the Gold of All the World

Not all the gold of all the world,
And all its wealth combined,
Could give relief, or comfort yield,
To one distracted mind;
'Tis only to the precious blood
Of Christ the soul can fly,
There only can a sinner find
A flowing full supply.
Gold could not give the heart-relief
The malefactor craved,
Ah, no! 'twas Christ, the Christ of God,
That dying sinner saved;
Faith's view of Him who bleeding hung
A victim by his side.
He saw, he knew the Lord was there,
The Lord for him had died.
Oh, what can equal joy divine,
And what can sweeter be
Than knowing that this Christ is mine
To all eternity?
Safe in the Lord, without a doubt,
By virtue of the blood;
For nothing can destroy the life
That's hid with Christ in God.