Prefatory Note to the Fourth Edition: Genesis

Genesis  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 11
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I cannot suffer this Fourth Edition to go forth, without an expression of heart-felt thankfulness to the Lord for His goodness in making use of such a feeble instrumentality, for the profit of souls, and the spread of His own simple truth.
It is an unspeakable privilege to be permitted, in any small degree, to minister to the souls of those who are so precious to Christ. “Lovest thou Me?...Feed My sheep.” Such were the touching words of the departing Shepherd; and, assuredly, when they fall powerfully upon the heart, they must rouse all the energies of one’s moral being to carry out, in every possible way, the gracious desire breathed therein. To gather and to feed the lambs and sheep of the flock of Christ, are the most exalted services in which any one can be engaged. Not a single honest effort put forth for the achievement of such noble ends, will be forgotten in that day “when the Chief Shepherd shall appear.”
May God the Holy Spirit fill the heart, anoint the lips, and consecrate the pen of every servant of Christ, so that streams of pure and living truth may flow, in every direction, for the refreshment of all those who are on their way to glory.