Protecting Fire

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“When camped in a wild and remote spot with my party of native attendants, we heard the lions roaring, as generally they may be heard at night in such districts. Suddenly a single shriek was uttered by one of the men. He had ventured into the shadow, and a lion had caught him. We never saw any more of the poor fellow, and heard nothing but that one scream. It is terribly dangerous at night to venture beyond the circle of firelight.”
Such is the Uganda missionary’s story. Does it not convey an important lesson for us all?
“Keep yourselves in the love of God” is the earnest exhortation of the apostle Jude to his fellow Christians. There is danger outside the firelight of the love of God. Never leave the glow of it. Never suffer anything to attract you into the shadow. Evil ever lurks in the zone where one’s joy in the love of God is lost.