Risen and Ascended

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While He blessed them, He Was parted from them, and carried up into heaven:― Luke 24:5151And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven. (Luke 24:51).
All hail, O glorious Son of God.
In triumph risen again―
All heaven resounds with joyful laud
The songs of ransomed men
The mighty chains of death are riven,
The risen Christ is throned in heaven.
Before Thee all the shining hosts.
The mighty angels bend;
Thy saved ones from a thousand coasts
Their psalms of victory blend―
I join that song so passing sweet,
I cast my crown before Thy feet.
O joy! the second Adam stands
Within God's paradise―
No longer barred by flaming brands
The shining pathway lies―
Within, the glorious Head has passed
Each member must be there at last.
Behind us lie the cross and grave,
Before, eternal bliss;
There blossoms from the garden cave,
The Tree of righteousness
The Face that shame and spitting bore,
Is crowned with radiance evermore.
With Mary, O my Lord, I bow
In rapture at Thy feet;
In spirit humbly kiss them now
And soon in presence sweet;
My name upon Thy lips divine,
The lips that tell me "Thou art mine."
Thou livest far from earthly strife,
In God's eternal peace
And there with Thee is hid my life,
And there my wanderings cease
The secret place where still and West
I rest in Thine eternal rest.