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Amelia Matilda Hull: There Is Life in a Look at the Crucified One [Booklet]

Booklet, 16 pages

#9014-32, $0.50


Atoning Death of the Son of God, The [Booklet]

What it means to God and to you.

Booklet, 32 pages

#1914, $0.95


Blood of Jesus, The [Pamphlet]

Former title: "Peace with God Through the Blood of Jesus." A classic. Well written and very readable. Contains rather sweeping statements on page 45 and weak definitions on page 46, but this book has a long history of blessing and has been highly recommended. …

Pamphlet, 52 pages

#8621-50, $2.95


Bumper Sticker: Redeemed With the Precious Blood of Christ

Multicolor, 10" x 3"

#5250, $1.95


Burnt Offering and Propitiation, The [Booklet]

All these countless offerings intimate God's infinite delight in the voluntary offering and sacrifice of His Beloved Son as a sweet-smelling savor. …

Booklet, 24 pages

#6331-56, $0.50


Captain Coutts' Substitute [Tract]

How Willie the cook's helper helped his dying captain to understand Isaiah 53:5. Over the past century, this classic tract has appeared as: "He Took My Place" - "The Dying Sea Captain" - "How Captain Coutts Got Saved" - and "Captain Coutts' Last Voyage." …

Full-Color Tract, 4 pages

#5046, $6.00


Cross, the Blood, and the Death of Christ, The [Paperback]

These meditations on the meaning and implications of the cross, blood and death of Christ present basic Christian doctrine which is very much needed today. This volume also includes a valuable three-part article on John's Gospel, his epistles and the Revelation. …

Paperback, 312 pages

#1169-15, $11.95


Cry of the Suffering Christ, The: Psalm 22 [Pamphlet]

Psalm 22 is unique because it foretells facts concerning His unique and unfathomable sufferings which are not to be found in other predictions. …

Pamphlet, 28 pages

#1454-68, $3.95


Do You Know: How Much Blood Your Heart Pumped Last Year? [Tract]

The average heart muscle works hard but can't compare with the heart of God that expresses an eternal love. …

Laminated Tract Card, 2.5" x 3.5", 2 pages

#3879, $6.00


Echoes of Grace: "Under the Blood" [Paperback]

Bound Echoes of Grace.

1988-1989, Paperback, 144 pages

#5277, $3.95


Four Reasons Why Christ Became a Man, Suffered, and Died: Hebrews 2:5-18 [Pamphlet]

1) God's glory demanded that He be vindicated in regards to the fall of man. 2) To annul the devil's power of death. 3) To make propitiation for our sins. 4) To be a sympathizing high priest. …

Pamphlet, 10 pages

#9592, $1.95


Glories of the Cross, The [Booklet]

Booklet, 24 pages

#40186, $0.50


He Died for Me [Leaflets]

Christian choices. Written by Albert Hayhoe while still in his teens.

20-Pack of 2-Page Poetry Leaflets, 2 pages

#4163, $0.95


He Was Wounded [Leaflets]

An examination, by a physician, of the wounds inflicted on our Lord Jesus Christ and comments regarding their typical significance: The Contused Wound, The Lacerated Wound, The Penetrating Wound, The Perforating Wound, and The Incised Wound. …

20-Pack of Full-Color Leaflets, 6 pages

#3144-59, $1.95


It's All in the Blood [Tract]

A dying man finds that religion won't get him to heaven but learns from the story of the Passover the value of the blood of Christ. …

Full-Color Tract, 4 pages

#2060, $6.00

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