Atheist Test, The [Tract]

A simple and unique presentation of evidence of intelligent design in creation and of the gospel for all who may claim difficulty believing that there is a God. …

Full-Color Tract, 3.5" x 5", 8 pages

#8134-53, $0.20


Collected Writings of J.N. Darby, The [Hardback]

A reply to W. H. Newman's Phases of Faith in which J.N.D. addresses many of the common allegations of error in the Scriptures and introduces illuminating insights on the Inspiration of Scripture, miracles, logic, etc. Volume 6 of The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby. …

Vol. 6, Apologetic 1, 384 pages

#1506-15, $9.95


God's Inspiration of the Scriptures [Hardback]

Hardback, 484 pages

#1242-15, $19.95


Holy Scriptures, The [Booklet]

The Bible, its proofs and power. Previously also published as The Bible.

Booklet, 8 pages

#1989-13, $0.50


Inspiration of the Bible, The: Bible Questions and Answers, Chapter 10 [Pamphlet]

See also: God's Inspiration of the Scriptures.

Pamphlet, Large-Print, 18 pages

#9818, $0.95


Pawned Bible, The [Tract]

The remarkable conversion of Dr. W.P. Mackay, author of Grace and Truth. Formerly, "The Forgotten Bible" and "The Doctor's Bible". As a student, Mackay pawned the Bible his mother gave him. But, it followed him . . . literally! A good Mother's Day tract. …

25-Pack of Gospel Tracts, 10.5-Point Type, 3.5" x 5.5", 4 pages

#6407, $1.95


Proving God [Booklet]


Booklet, 12 pages

#1715, $0.25


Scarred Hand, The [Tract]

William Dixon burned his hand while rescuing a boy. Now his claim to a right to adopt the boy is his suffering. So Christ has suffered for us and so claims us. …

Full-Color Tract, 8 pages

#5608, $6.00


Who Made It? [Tract]

Isaac Newton's challenge.

25-Pack of 4-Page Tracts, 4 pages

#8630-59, $1.95


Why People Don't Read the Bible [Tract]

The challenge of a good mirror! A Story of Queen Elizabeth I of England. From: "Echoes of Grace" …

25-Pack of Large Print Bookmark Tracts, 12-Point Type, 2.2" x 8", 2 pages

#4569, $0.95


Wonder of the Book, The [Pamphlet]

An attractive introduction to the wonders of the wonderful Word of God — which should deepen both reverence for it and interest in it. An unabridged edition is also available: #41474 …

Pamphlet, Abridged and Illustrated, 8.5-Point Type, 5.8" x 8.2", 10 pages

#2090-50, $0.95


Word of God, The: The Bible [Leaflet]

Key thoughts collected by the editor.

Large Leaflet, 4 pages

#2104, $0.25