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2016 365 Bible Verses-A-Year: Page-A-Day Daily Block Calendar

A large-print verse and a colorful scenic picture fill each page of this attractive block calendar — a nice item to greet you on your dresser or desk each morning. Saturday and Sunday share pages. * * * Formerly, this was always a KJV item. For 2016, the publisher introduced the New King James Version with no prior notice to us — discovered October 2015. …

Full-Color, Larger Print, Plastic Stand, New King James Version, 316 pages

#5141-50, $14.95


Abide in Me [Pamphlet]

The secret of a fruitful and joyful life. On John 15.

Pamphlet, Large-Print, 12 pages

#3138, $1.95


Abide With Us: Angels in White Expanded, #1 [Pamphlet]

Comfort in life's evening.

Pamphlet, Large-Print, 14 pages

#9858, $0.95


ABS Extra Large Print Text Bible: 100042 [Kivar]

Kivar, Black, 18-Point Type, 6.5" x 9.2" x 2", 3,022 pages

#4396-07, $39.99


Advocate or the Accuser, The: Whose Side Do You Take? [Brochure]

This is a practical question for Christians in these days. It is not a question of whether we are Christians or not, though it may often test the fact. But the question is, as professedly saved ones, do we take sides with the Advocate or with the Accuser of the Brethren? …

Brochure, Large Print, 12-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#1431, $0.25


Affliction's Lessons [Booklet]

Gleanings from Psalm 119.

Booklet, Large-Print, 12 pages

#7392, $0.50


Affliction's Lessons [Epub Ebook]

Gleanings from Psalm 119.

Epub Ebook, Available Online Only, 12 pages

#41268, $0.99


Affliction's Lessons [Mobi Ebook]

Gleanings from Psalm 119.

Mobi Ebook, Available Online Only, 12 pages

#41269, $0.99


Amos [Pamphlet]

Large Print Pamphlet, 4 pages

#7336, $0.25


Angels in White Expanded: Pamphlet Pack [Pamphlets]

A series of 13 additional articles (also available individually) which do not appear in the current edition of Angels in White. …

13 Full-Color Pamphlets, Large-Print, 236 pages

#9868, $11.95


At His Feet [Pamphlet]

Learning, mourning, worshipping.

Pamphlet, Large-Print, 16 pages

#7638, $0.95


Backsliding: Bible Questions and Answers, Chapter 9 [Pamphlet]

Many causes may contribute to the declension of a Christian. Perhaps one of the most frequent is self- confidence. …

Pamphlet, Large-Print, 18 pages

#9817, $0.95


Because He Chose To! [Brochure]

Why did God allow sin in this world? Why did God send Jesus? This incident in the ministry of Brownlow North answers both questions, and asks "Is God's choice your choice? Former title: "God Chose to Send Jesus" Suitable for Christmas season distribution. …

Gospel Brochure, Large Print, 6 pages

#41606, $0.20


Being There, The Sublime Significance of Simply [Brochure]

The portent of our presence in His presence.

Brochure, Large Print, 12.5-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#40119, $0.25


Beloved Young Believer [Brochure]

A pastoral letter from a spiritual father to a spiritual son — sound simple spiritual counsel, good for any believer. …

Brochure, Large Print, 14-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#2952, $0.25

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