2 S. 23:28 KJV (With Strong’s)

Tsalmown (Hebrew #6756)
shady; Tsalmon, the name of a place in Palestine and of an Israelite
KJV usage: Zalmon.
Pronounce: tsal-mone'
Origin: from 6754
the Ahohite
'Achowchiy (Hebrew #266)
an Achochite or descendant of Achoach
KJV usage: Ahohite.
Pronounce: akh-o-khee'
Origin: patronymic from 264
, Maharai
Maharay (Hebrew #4121)
hasty; Maharai, an Israelite
KJV usage: Maharai.
Pronounce: mah-har-ah'-ee
Origin: from 4116
the Netophathite
Ntophathiy (Hebrew #5200)
a Netophathite, or inhabitant of Netophah
KJV usage: Netophathite.
Pronounce: net-o-faw-thee'
Origin: patronymic from 5199

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Zalmon the Ahohite, Maharai the Netophathite,