654. Shoes

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From the fact that, in the parallel passage in Mark 6:99But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats. (Mark 6:9), the disciples are commanded to be “shod with sandals,” it has been inferred that our Lord designed to mark a distinction between shoes and sdndals, though some commentators treat the idea as absurd. It is certain, however, that in our Lord’s time there were, besides sandals, other coverings for the feet more nearly approaching our idea of a shoe. Some of these covered the entire foot, while in others the toes were left bare, as represented in the engraving.
The use of shoes may have been forbidden to the disciples because of their luxury, while sandals were allowed as articles of necessity. Thus the statement in Matthew and in Lake, and that in Mark, may be reconciled. The shoe was forbidden, the sandal permitted.