A Lovely Example

Mr. Bellett’s daughter wrote of her mother: “Her even cheerfulness was unfailing. It was [my father’s] delight to have her beside him, or to minister to her in little ways, and her sweet, bright smile was quite enough to cheer him, even when anything arose to trouble him.
“Her truthfulness and simplicity of character were such a rest and joy to him. The friends whom she was only able to see occasionally, little knew how his happiness depended on her. He often said to me when I was a girl, ‘I will give up all my expectations of you, if you will be like your mother.’
“He used to say that in character she was like ‘Aunt Roberts,’ for whose memory he and others had much veneration [a feeling of deep respect], and he was not a little pleased to hear Mr. Darby once say, ‘Mrs. Bellett has been my mentor for twenty years. Her straightforward and clear-sighted judgment gave much weight to her opinion and advice.’”
(Written by J.G. Bellett’s daughter) From Recollections of J.G. Bellett