A New Year's Text

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
A very dear Christian lady, was suffering from much weakness, and as the New Year approached she was sad and oppressed.
For many years she had sought and received a New Year's text from the Lord, and now, once more, the dear Christian lifted up her heart to her faithful God, who had been her stay so many years.
As she committed herself into His hands ere she fell asleep, she breathed out this simple, childlike prayer:
“Give me, O Lord, a word from Thyself to comfort me in the New Year." Immediately the words came to her:
She arose, cheered and encouraged in her God, and when her friends came to see her, she was delighted to tell them of the Lord's goodness to her, saying, after she had ended her little story,
“There now! Must not that have been the Holy Spirit who brought these texts to my mind? I am sure I never could have thought of them myself; and you know it was the very word I needed. The Lord has just told me to run with patience the race He has set before me.”