Abbott's Hill and Principles; the Loss of a Mother

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As regards the brethren, it is not only that I have enjoyed my visits, but grave, sober men, like -, I found quite cheery as to the way they saw God working among brethren. I do not doubt a bit that there is still much to do, and only One who can do it. I am not surprised at those you speak of laboring to support evil; perhaps I expect such things too much....
Now if God is pleased to set aside brethren, I bow to it; but I do not believe it, though we may have deserved it. God has interfered, and checked the tide of evil. I quite recognize there are remains, but I trust Him as to these, as to the body of the evil.... Wait awhile and you will see the issue of God's dealings.... The brethren had let things get into a state in which corporate action was very difficult, but God has acted, and will act.... Brethren had morally declined, and the question was, Had God given them up? Well, I felt faith would not say Yes, and I stayed where I was; but the whole state had to be raised for permanent blessing, and that was an individual, moral thing. Many were ignorant of what was at work....
I have no doubt many are sealed who could not explain it, and would fear, from bad teaching to say too boldly they were sons; but an unsealed Christian is unknown to scripture. It is not conversion, but the Holy Ghost coming to dwell in us so that our bodies are temples. In general, it is said, "having believed [Eph. 1 "the gospel of your salvation"] ye were sealed." If we come to details, I believe it will be as believing in the work and its efficacy as well as the Person Df Christ.
"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart."
Dublin, 1880.