Abraham Believed God

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DEAR reader, do you? For that is the only way you can be saved; not by praying, nor fasting, nor reading God's word, blessed as it is, nor by going to church or chapel, or any other thing that you can do; but by just simply believing God; believing His great love to you in sending Jesus into this world to die for you, and His great love in bearing all God's wrath on the cross due to you and me. Where can you find a love to equal this, dear reader? Believe it now, before it is too late; and then you are saved; and, once saved, forever; God can never let go one that believes in Jesus; He will keep them while down here on earth, and then take them to be with Him forever in heaven; and all this comes by just simply believing God. Surely it is not too difficult to believe; it is God's simple and only way of salvation, and that through His Son Jesus Christ.
But, dear reader, people seem to think that if they were told to do something it would be much easier; that is because man wants to be saved as he likes, and not as God likes. Man thinks or pretends to think that believing is too simple a thing to please God, and that he must do something in order to be saved, while Jesus did it all, and met all God's requirements on the cross more than 1,800 years ago. God is perfectly satisfied with Christ. He is enough for Him. Reader, will you let Him be enough for you? And through the finished work of Jesus on the cross God now offers salvation if you will just simply believe Him.
But to all who reject Christ now as the only way of salvation, I would say there is a day coming when you will have to acknowledge Him as a judge; you will not then be offered salvation through His finished work on the cross, the death of Jesus will then only seal your judgment; and. after that judgment you will be cast into the lake of fire forever, to be tormented with the devil and his angels, because you have not believed God's word when He offered you a full present and free salvation, without money and without price; and all through eternity you will have time to think that you might have been saved, and then been in heaven with Jesus forever, if you had just believed God's word. But, rejector, there is time now if you will come to Jesus and believe in Him now, then you will be saved, and will escape the unutterable horrors of eternal damnation, and will be with Jesus in heaven forever.
Reader, if you are a doubting one, just simply trust God's word, for he can never lie, and He says what he means. He says those that believe shall have everlasting life, and He means it; also He says that those who believe not shall be damned, 'and that also is equally true. Every word of God is true, the dark as well as the bright side, the judgments as well as the blessings; therefore, let me press upon you just simply to believe God's word and then you have eternal life. 1 John 5:1313These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. (1 John 5:13).
Dear reader, if we are saved, if we have believed God's word, we have a most blessed thing before us, the coming of Jesus to take us to be with Himself in heaven forever. And being freed from all our sins, we have only to live to the glory of Him who died for us, to walk as He walked down here on earth, to try and bring others to Him, and to wait for His blessed second coming which may take place at any moment, and till He comes may we “Stand fast in the Lord, dearly beloved” (Phil. 4:11Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved. (Philippians 4:1)).
Rejector, you have been warned of a coming judgment.
Doubting one, you have been told just simply to believe in Jesus and you will be saved, saved forever.
May the Lord, through His Spirit, press His word home to your heart so that you may do as Abraham did, and then, knowing that all your sins are put away, you will be looking for Jesus to come and take you to be with Himself forever.
S. E.