As He Is, So Are We

1 John 4:17
“As He is, so are we in this world.”
O! blessed wondrous words,
As Christ is, so are we;
Washed, sanctified, and justified,
From condemnation free.

Emancipating truth!
“As He is, so are we;”
He bore our sins, He paid our debt,
When hanging on the tree.

The Father sees us now
In Christ, His risen Son;
In favor thus, we stand in Him,
The Head and members one.

As Christ is, so are we,
Though this poor earth we tread;
In "righteousness transcendent" now,
We're linked with Christ, our Head.

And soon the world shall know
The Father sent the Son,
And loved us e'en as He loved
Christ, The spotless Holy One.

O! day of wondrous bliss,
When faultless we'll appear,
In bodies fashioned like His own,
And His blest image bear.

O! days of joy supreme,
When we His face shall see,
And know the depth of those sweet words,
“As He is, so are we.”