Be Patient, for the Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh: James 5:7

James 5:7
O! let those words be graven in our heart,
Re-echo in our ear, and fill our eye,
Teaching that in this world we have no part,
"Be patient, for His coming draweth nigh."
The husbandman long waiteth for the rain,
Early and late he watcheth patiently,
Knowing he'll reap at last the precious grain;
"Be patient, for His coming draweth nigh."
"Behold, we count them happy which endure,"
Endure "as seeing Him" no mortal eye
Can see; and knowing that His word is sure,
"Be patient, for His coming draweth nigh."
The heavens have received Him from our sight,
Refused on earth, He's hidden in the sky,
Until that day of glory, life and light;
"Be patient, for His coming draweth nigh."
"Be patient"-He is patient also-still
With that great love naught else can satisfy
He waiteth, subject to the Father's will,
Until that hour, and lo! it draweth nigh.
"Behold, the Bridegroom cometh! Go ye out
To meet Him." Hearken to that midnight cry!
Arouse ye! trim your dying lamps, and shout,
Rejoicing, "for His coming draweth nigh."
O Bright and Morning Star! Thou dost arise
Upon the darkness of this earthly sky;
To Thee we turn with longing, loving eyes,
Rejoicing, "for Thy coming draweth nigh."
O when that dawn appears, when Thou shalt come,
"Glory and praise to Thee!" will be our cry;
Forever with Thee in our Father's home
We shall rejoice-Thy coming draweth nigh.
"Surely, I will come quickly," Yes, amen,
Come quickly, Lord; Thy people wait to see
Thy glory and Thy beauty-only then
Shall they be blest; forevermore with Thee!