Because of His Importunity

Luke 11:8  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
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Wilder, Father, grows the tempest!
Darker still, the night comes on;
Every earthly hope has vanished!
Every earthly joy has gone.
I was growing faint and weary,
Watching, waiting for the day
To rise, within a loved one,
‘Neath Thy Spirit’s quick’ning ray.
But the clouds were growing darker,
Gathering thicker o’er my soul;
For my prayers were still unanswer’d,
And my loved one not “made whole.”
Then a voice came through the darkness,
Through the gathering shades of night;
“Because of his importunity,”
The Father rose at night.
Faith may be weak and wavering,
Prayer may seem cold and dead;
Still, “Ask and it shall be given you,”
The hope has well nigh fled.
Still watch, still wait, still hope, still pray,
And never slack thy grasp,
Until the Father pours thee down
The blessing thou hast ask’d.
Oh! blessed Jesus, ‘twas Thy voice
Came through the thick’ning gloom;
And strewed those words of comfort o’er
The pathway to the tomb!
‘Twas Thou did’st bid me watch and wait,
To catch Thy smile of love-
And bid me “pray and never faint,”
But fix my eyes above.
And now my heart is cheered-refreshed-
And prayers again I raise;
In full assurance, in Thy time
Thou’lt turn my prayer to praise.
A. S. L. O.