Bethesda and Principles; the Evil of Compromise; Infidelity; Looseness and the World; Free Church of Scotland

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I was very glad to hear of you all, and of the work in Australia. I am also very thankful that our dear brother not only has labored, but been blessed.... Not, that laborers are not wanting in England, and indeed everywhere, as the Lord has told us. It must be in combat we get on. It was so with the blessed Lord Himself, perfect in all His ways, so that He gave assuredly no occasion, as we sometimes may, to the enemy -none; yet they would easily find occasions of reproach. But we have actually difficulties such as you speak of, those who preach Christ, but do not really take His yoke. I do not ask any one to join or own brethren, as they speak, but I do look to their full submission to the yoke of Christ. I have been struck lately how much the Epistle of James looks to self-will to be done with and broken, that we may be perfect and complete in all the will of God.... You will be glad to hear that here the work proceeds cheeringly. There is great inquiry into the word....God is evidently working all around, and indeed in other places; the brethren are happy, and labor according to their gift: it is a happy feature of the work here. The coming of the Lord is evidently spreading, and taking effect in souls. Infidelity meanwhile raises its head.... But we wait for the rest that remains. I am content to labor, most thankful to be permitted to do so, but my heart longs for it too. Here, but from the happiest cause, as at Boston, the labor is very severe, and from distances, the hours late; but it is all well....
Ever, dear brother,
Affectionately yours in the Lord.