Bible Challenger-01-January V.04: An Object Found in a Desert, Easily Identified

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
The first letter of each of the following responses will form the name of an object once found in a desert, and which was easily identified by day or by night.
1. Something existing in pairs, but never seen when doing their stabilizing work.
2. Something unclean in itself, but which was sometimes used for purification.
3. Something that individually was of ordinary significance, but twenty in unison became a veritable wall.
4. The name given to one who wrought artistically (with blue and purple and scarlet) on fine linen.
5. The holy garment of the priesthood having a fruitful hem.
6. The process by which the covering of a noted entry was fabricated.
7. The first item to be seen when just inside the entry of number 6.
8. Something made of pure gold partly identifiable by its branches and flowers.
9. Something having a foot to be used by those having feet.
10. A priestly upper garment made from gold and linen with the colors of blue and purple and scarlet in artistic display.
Answers to these questions will be found in the next issue of Christian Treasury. R. Erisman