Bible Challenger-05-May V.02: Observation of Someone Standing in Solomon's Temple

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The first letter of each of the following responses will form the words which describe the observation someone standing inside Solomon's temple might have made regarding its construction.
1. How old was Eli when the ark of God was taken by the Philistines?
2. How many priests' garments were given in Ezra's day for the rebuilding of the temple?
3. How many cities of refuge did Israel have?
4. How many stones did Elijah use to build an altar on Mount Carmel?
5. How long did the laborers toil who were last hired in the kingdom of heaven parable?
6. How long was Og's bedstead?
7. How many stars did Joseph see in one of his dreams?
8. How many altars did Balaam build each time he discoursed with Balak?
9. How many sons did Jesse have?
10. How many curtains of goats' hair were used to cover the tabernacle?
11. How many chariots of iron did Jabin have that he used in oppressing Israel?
Answers to these questions will be found in the next issue of Christian Treasury.
R. Erisman