Christ's Love

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Christ loved, and, because He loved, gave Himself. In this we have proof of His Deity. God alone is self-sufficient, needing no motive other than His own nature. He does what He does because He is what He is. For a creature to love a sinner would be indifference to sin, ungodliness, the finding something in the creature to outweigh the obnoxiousness of the guilt. See Gen. 6 The fairness of the outward appearance hid the blackness of the guilt within. The judgment of God should have been to the sons of God, what the commandment was to man in Eden; but they, like Eve, look and desire what was forbidden to her by the word, to them by the moral character of the objects. The cross declares, not only that the Son of God loved me because He is love, but His oneness with God in His righteous judgment of all my guilt, and this by taking upon Himself all that the judgment was, in its divine reality.
Worthy O Lamb of God, art Thou,
That every knee to Thee should bow.