Christ's Work and the Spirit's

IT is most important to see the difference between Christ's work for us, and the Holy Spirit's work in us. The first is perfect. The second is not perfect yet. Hence a soul seeking to rest on what goes on within can never have peace, as the work is imperfect, and will not be perfect till we are in glory like Christ. But may I not have peace? Surely! Thank God I have it. Why? Because I rest on the finished, perfected work of Jesus for me on the cross. It is this that blots out sins, meets the claims of God, and purges the conscience. It is perfect, and in its perfection I stand accepted before God. The work of the Holy Ghost, on the contrary, goes on continually in the believer until the end, and is not finished till the saint is in glory,-spirit, soul, and body like Christ.
W. T. P. W.