Correspondence: Mark 9:49; The Trinity

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Ans. This passage sets forth a most solemn truth for all who are out of Christ; and a great practical truth for all Christians. "Every one shall be salted with fire." This refers to the future judgment of all who die in their sins. "Every sacrifice shall be salted with salt." This refers to present self-judgment exercised by all Christians who will present their bodies a living sacrifice to God. We are delivered, by the death of Christ, from the salting with fire; and we are privileged to know the preservative power of self-judgment.
Ques. I cannot understand the Trinity. Can you help me?
Ans. We are not surprised at your inability to comprehend the profound mystery of the Trinity. But let us remind you, dear friend, that though you cannot understand it, you are reverently to believe it. The Father is God; the Son is God; and the Holy Ghost is God. Did you ever hear those last words of a dying idiot?
“I see! I see! I see!”
“What do you see?" said a bystander.
“I see three in One, and One in three, and they are all for me, for me.”
Think of those words.