Day 122 - Acts 7

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
One of the most remarkable summaries of Israel’s history in the Bible. And what a sinful history it was! Joseph, Moses and David, the first time they presented themselves they were rejected by the Jew, but the second time, they were received. It was so when the Lord Jesus came. Stephen shows that it was but a rebelling, disobedient spirit which had always been seen. And when God sent His beloved Son, the same resistance continued.
V.43-53 From this resistance they went on to idolatry. They were guilty of four offenses. (1) The fathers (Old Testament men) had not kept the law. (2) They had persecuted and slain the prophets. (3) They had betrayed and murdered the Just One the Lord Jesus and (4) had resisted the Holy Ghost. So we see man’s guilt and ruin in the most favored and privileged nation in the world.