Day 239 - Phil. 1, Verses 11-30

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 11 Paul's purpose in writing to them was that they might complete his joy by living the joyful life God purposed for them. What an unselfish desire! To be filled with this fruit. Not just sometimes, but constant, steady, overflowing.
V. 12-20 He tells about his circumstances, and points out that they really enabled the gospel to be preached more. If Christ is seen in the middle of trials, what sweetness comes out of it for the believer!
V. 21 Paul had one object in life... to live for Christ every moment of the day.
V. 22-26 He longed to go and be with Christ, but possibly he was needed here on earth, and so was content, either way.
V. 27-30 Grand words. The first few words of verse 27 are as if he were saying "only conduct yourself in such a way as to be worthy of the good news about Christ". Is this true of us?
V. 28 The gospel is a sign to the lost that they are going to perish, but to the believers that it is their salvation.
V. 29 The road may be rough. There are two things to do believe and suffer. Paul had experienced both.