Day 248 - Proverbs 22

Proverbs 22  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
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V.1 What is good and right in God’s eyes should be wanted by us rather than money.
V.2 How little difference there is between a rich person and a poor one!
V.6 Good early training will surely bring worthwhile results. God says so.
V.9 “Bountiful eye” means a person who notices that someone needs help, and gives it. God will bless that person.
V.15 Education today teaches that every child should be able to do what he wants. God says that we are born with a foolish heart. And that parents should punish children for disobedience. Some parents think that they are wiser than God.
V.17 To listen to a believer who lives close to the Lord is a good thing. To apply our hearts to God’s knowledge is even better.
V.18 The wisdom of the world is not nearly as pleasant as God’s wisdom. When we enjoy it, our lips are able to speak of it to others.
V.19 And the best of all is to have full confidence in the Lord.
V.20 The believer is rich, because he has the treasures of God’s Word.
V.22-28 These are things which we should not do.