Day 260 - James 3

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
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V.1-12 Now the subject of talking. The terrible or happy results of what we say.
V.1 The word “masters” means “teachers.” The more we speak, the greater the responsibility, and the greater condemnation, if our life is not consistent with what we say.
V.2 We all often offend.
V.6 The tongue is full of evil bringing out poison.
V.13-18 It is good to remember that wisdom comes from above (v. 17) and is the opposite of self-will.
V.13 This man has three things; works in meekness, good conversation, wisdom and understanding.
V.14 The complete opposite.
V.16 Every evil thing results from the life described in verses 14-15.
V.17-18 Sublime! May they be more true of us!