Day 289 - Deut. 11

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The last chapter of the 1st section of the book. It has told the Israelites the many reasons why they should obey. (We also forget so easily).
V. 6 Dathan and Abiram are recalled as an example of the result of rebellion against God Num. 16.
V. 7 They had seen all that God had done in the past, therefore they were to obey God when they came into the land.
V. 10 The great river Nile was Egypt's source of water. But they didn't know where the Nile's headwaters were.
V. 11 The land of Israel was different. It knew where its blessings came from.... the rain which came from heaven. They were closely connected with God, and were dependent upon Him.
V. 8-32 The brightest promise of blessing, and the sternest warnings of the results of disobedience take up the rest of the chapter.