Day 59 – Rom. 7:1-6

V. 1-6 Paul uses the illustration of a woman married to a man. If he died, then she was free to marry another. (The husband is a picture of the law, the wife is a picture of a person). The law has only power over a believer so long as he lives and the law can't die, so how can the union be broken? The believer dies! Therefore the law (the former husband) no longer has power over one that is dead. (A person who accepts Christ as his (or her) Savior, has died with Christ (6:8). But Christ has risen from the dead, we believers are now married to Him. We cannot have two husbands at one time. We'll only read these 6 verses today. Most believers never understand them. There is much bad teaching about what they mean. Don't expect to understand it by reading it quickly. Read and reread it, until you get it! The believer is the one who dies!