Drink Offerings

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The drink offering under the law foreshadowed the joy which God and man could find in the man Christ Jesus. A common subject of joy then there is between God and us. Its measure varies not with our apprehension of what there is in His Son to delight the heart, but God has told us what the measure is, which can be found in that perfect, spotless One, who was holy, harmless and undefiled. What an idea of God’s delight in His Son do the sacrifices of sweet savor bring before us! Noah was a perfect man in his generations. Job had none like him in all the earth. Abraham was called the friend of God, and on him, to order his house aright, God declared He could count. David was the man after God’s own heart. But each of these, though thus described by God, fell short of answering perfectly to what a man on earth should be. The Lord alone has done that, and the measure of the drink offering, varying, but always commensurate with the oil of the meat offering, tells it to us in type, as His life and His death afterward exemplified and proved it. Thus what the Lord was, as made known by the New Testament, sheds a bright light on the types and shadows of the Old.
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