Fragment: Working for God

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If God honors a man by giving him a great deal of work to do for Him, let him rejoice therein, and not murmur; for if he murmur he can very speedily lose his honor. God is at no loss for instruments.
O! for a heart to serve Him! A patient, humble, self-emptied, devoted heart! A heart ready to serve in company, ready to serve alone. A heart so filled with love to Christ that it will find its joy, its chief joy, in serving Him, let the sphere or character of service be what it may. Nothing is more dishonoring to God than a manifestation of a complaining spirit on the part of those who belong to Him.
Each one of us has a place to occupy, a ministry to fill, a responsibility to discharge; and you and I, are at this moment, either promoting the interest of the house of God, the body of Christ, the Church; or helping on the godless schemes of a world stained with the blood of Christ, and the blood of all His martyred saints.