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The very place which Christ holds, is inseparably connected with God's love to some one else. If He is the firstborn, it is among many brethren. Could any one of us have held such a place, our stress would have been upon the firstborn-/ am the firstborn. Not so with Christ. If He is the firstborn, it is to bring His brethren to God. What would all the pre-eminence be to Christ if it separated from God? Eve, in order to gain the pre-eminence, risked the loss of God; but Christ being from the Father was associated with the Father, and when seen pre-eminent in glory, it will be in full communion with God.
The delight of Christ is, to bring all the fullness of God's character to bear upon every little crevice in our hearts.
What is that which is most precious to Christ? That, through Him, God would make known to the " many sons" all the fullness of His heart, the riches of His grace.
How comforting, too, is this love of Christ's heart with reference to the poor Jews, who are becoming more and more the subjects of interest in all that is taking place on the earth.
Every trait in the divine character, everything which was morally glorious in God, shined out in Christ. As seen in Psa. 1 light in the midst of darkness, the Son of man gave the thorough indication of the character of God.
He would not be alone in the glory.
" He bringeth forth his fruit in the season." " I am the true vine; ye are the branches." Here is the full thought even with regard to God's earthly purposes. There is nothing before God, but one single Being, as the Root and the channel of all blessing. Observe, that the provision has been made for us, and it is always so; when mercy comes in, it is on the ground of that which is in us, not being that which God can like.
The peculiarity of the blessing connected with this Root is, that there is culture and success; unlike Luke 14, where all the culture so sadly ended in failure and disappointment. Success 1 " All things work together for good to them that love God." Is this truth fresh in our hearts with respect to God's dealings with us now? Each of us has some peculiar trial, some thorn in the flesh it may be, rankling and festering; but seen in the light of this truth, we may not, we cannot call this otherwise than " good."