Galatians 1

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God chose Paul to be an apostle and revealed the true gospel to him. Paul preached the grace of God, which gives peace to those who believe the Lord Jesus gave Himself to die for their sins. False teachers came to Galatia with a different gospel than the Apostle Paul had taught them. This false gospel forced everyone to try to keep the law. There is no grace in the law. Paul was saved by grace. God sent Paul to tell the heathen Gentiles about God’s grace. This means Jesus died for everyone, not just the Jews. What about you? Have you admitted your sin to Jesus and asked Him to save you? Paul came to Jerusalem to visit with Peter for 15 days. The Christians here knew that Paul had persecuted the church in the past. Paul would disturb meetings, beat and arrest Christians, and kill some of them. These Christians gave glory to God because there was a change in Paul. He had been saved by grace and now he was preaching salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.
1. Whose will was it that we might be delivered from this present evil world? __________   Galatians 1:___
2. The Christians of Galatia were removed from the grace of Christ unto another __________.   Galatians 1:___
3. A person can only be saved by faith without works. If any man would preach another gospel, let him be __________.   Galatians 1:___
4. God separated Paul from his mother’s womb, and God was pleased to call Paul by His __________ in order to serve Him.   Galatians 1:___
5. What was the name of the Lord’s brother, who was an apostle? __________   Galatians 1:___