Galatians 6

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Christians who are living by the Spirit should help bring back those who have been led away by temptation and fallen into sin. They need to turn away from their sin. We should be humble when we are talking to others.
The seed we sow in the soil is the same kind of fruit or tree we will reap in harvest. It is also true about our bodies and spirits. If I spend my time or energy or money on my lust for things such as pleasure, music and friends, I may enjoy them for a little time but I will not harvest glory for God. I will be damaged in my body or spirit, and I will lose my joy and my reward. If I use my time and energy and money to support the gospel and do good to all people, especially to all Christians, there will be an everlasting harvest of glory for the Lord Jesus.
The death of Christ on the cross separates the believer from the world because the world hates to think about the death of Jesus. We no longer value what the world values. The believer is dead to the world. The world has nothing to satisfy the new life.
The false teachers wanted the believers to practice the law of circumcision. Paul tells them in verse 15 that it does not matter if you are circumcised or not, but it is important to live by the power of the new life. Paul lived according to the gospel of the cross of Christ and he had the marks of persecution in his body to prove his devotion to the truth of God’s Word.
1. To fulfill the law of Christ means to __________ one another’s burdens.   Galatians 6:___
2. When a person is proud and thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he __________.   Galatians 6:___
3. Whatever a man sows, he is sure to __________.   Galatians 6:___
4. We should do good to all, especially those who are of the __________.   Galatians 6:___
5. Paul suffered for his faith, and he had the __________ in his body to prove it.   Galatians 6:___