"Give Him a Cheer!"

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You have heard the story of the child who was res­cued from the fire that was raging in a house away up in the fourth story. The child came to the window, and as the flames were shooting up higher and higher she cried out for help. A fireman started up the ladder of the fire escape to rescue the child from its dangerous position. The wind swept the flames near him, and it was getting so hot that he wavered, and it looked as if he would have to return without the child. Thousands looked on, and their hearts quaked at the thought of the child hav­ing to perish in the fire, as she must do if the fireman did not reach her. Someone in the crowd cried, “Give him a cheer!”
Cheer after cheer went up, and as the man heard them he gathered fresh courage. Up he went into the midst of the smoke and the fire, and brought down the child in safety.
If you cannot go and rescue the perishing yourself, you can at least pray for those who do, and cheer them on. If you do, the Lord will bless the effort. Do not grumble and criticize; it takes neither heart nor brains to do that.