God Manifest in Flesh: Reverence and Adoration, Not Reason

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
Christ came to do God's will; in Him was no sin. It was humanity in Christ where God was, and not humanity separate from God in itself.... It was not man where no evil was, like Adam innocent, but man in the midst of evil; it was not man bad in the midst of evil, like Adam fallen, but man perfect—perfect according to God—in the midst of evil, God manifest in flesh; real, proper humanity, but His soul always having the thoughts that God produces in man, and in absolute communion with God, save when He suffered on the cross where He must, as to the suffering of His soul, be forsaken of God; more perfect then, as to the extent of the perfection and the degree of obedience, than anywhere else, because He accomplished the will of God in the face of His wrath, instead of doing it in the joy of His communion; and therefore He asked that this cup should pass, which He never did elsewhere. He could not find His meat in the wrath of God....
I recommend to avoid discussing and defining the Person of our blessed Savior. You will lose the savor of Christ in your thoughts, and you will find in their room the barrenness of man's spirit in the things of God and in the affections which pertain to them. It is a labyrinth for man, because he labors there at his own charge. It is as if one dissected the body of his friend instead of nourishing himself with his affections and character.