God My Saviour

 •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Three short, simple words, but full of thought; words that teach us what God is, what we are, and what God would have us to be; words that humble man’s pride, for they own that he cannot save himself; words that strengthen man’s hope, for they speak of One able to save; words that reveal the faith of her who uttered them, and encourage us to believe and to rejoice in the Savior in whom Mary rejoiced!
These words could not have been uttered by a proud Pharisee, for such a one knows not that he needs a Savior. Still less could they have been the words of a careless Sadducee, for to him there is no spiritual world to hope for, or to fear. They are the words of a lowly heart, uttered in a lowly, but a most blessed place, even at the foot stool of mercy. There the sinner, who feels his sin to be both a crime and a stain, cries, “God be merciful to me a sinner,” and at the same time looks to Jesus on the cross, and cries, “My soul hath rejoiced in God my Savior;” and the more the believing soul looks at that Savior, the more does it rejoice.
When Mary uttered these words, she rejoiced in a day which she saw by faith; He whom she looked for—the long promised One—was now at hand. She had a special subject of joy; personal to herself, but if she had not believed in the Savior soon to be revealed, she would not have so rejoiced.
It was not only the honor to which she had been called; not only the thought that all generations should call her blessed, that so filled and elevated her mind; it was rather that thought, in which the whole church of Christ’s redeemed ones may share with her, the wonderful thought, “God my Savior!” (Luke 1:4747And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. (Luke 1:47)).
“God” Himself, not man, performing the work.
“My Savior,” not others only, but me, even me, partaking in the benefits of that work.
“Savior,” this word means so much! It tells of such hopeless, helpless need; such utter depths of human misery; a whole world that cannot save itself. Savior, this is the name by which Jesus speaks to the hearts that need Him.
“God, my Savior” reveals the mind of God in Christ towards man, the love of God, the plan and purpose of God, the glory of God.
“A Savior, which is Christ the Lord!”
Say, is He this to thee!
And doth thine heart acknowledge Him,
Thine all in all to be?
“A Savior.” Hast thou seen thy sin
On Him, the sinless, laid?
Trusted thy soul, thyself, to Him,
Who all the ransom paid?
“Christ,” the Anointed, Chosen One,
Hast thou in heart embraced?
And wouldst thou all things else forego,
His grace, His love to taste?
“The Lord.” O, doth thine heart approve
The wondrous, blessed word?
Be every wish, and every power
Surrendered to thy Lord!