Five Questions

ome years ago I was on a train leaving Quebec. After taking my seat in a crowded coach, a Roman Catholic priest sat down beside me. It wasn’t long before he noticed a small Bible case which I carried, and he asked me if I were a businessman. “No,” I replied, “I preach.” “Where?” “Wherever […]

One Quick Call

n February 25, 1955, a young mother in San Francisco made her doctor swear he would keep her secret. He would never reveal her name to anyone who came asking about the child he’d just delivered. But about thirty years later he was dying and the secret burned in him. He sat down to write […]

Improving the Mona Lisa

he Mona Lisa may not be your favorite work of art, but it would be hard to find a more famous or imitated piece. Painted in approximately 1504 by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa has had a pretty unique journey. She was stolen from her place in the Louvre and hidden in a small […]

There Is Nothing Left for You to Do

any years ago Nicholas was raised in religion, but he was notorious for his pursuit of pleasure. However, like you and me, he had both a memory and a conscience. Nicholas began to remember the many wicked things he had done and the warnings he had received. His conscience convicted him. He thought, “It may […]

Serious Things Tomorrow

any years ago there lived in Greece a ruler named Archias. A very selfish man, he lived only for pleasure and cared little or nothing for the needs of his people. Many hated him, and at last some plotted together to kill him. Archias knew nothing of the plot, but a friend in Athens heard […]

A Story About Nothing

his story is about nothing — nothing at all. That’s what you brought into the world with you when you were born. Just nothing … zero. There was a man in Italy who added a great deal of money to his first zero, and he became a rich man with a lot of zeros after the number one. He […]

Rescued From the Rubble

he rubble, dust and dirt were products of the renovation project in the bathroom. But staring out from underneath it all was a small glistening object. Turns out the plumber in Calgary, Alberta, had uncovered a heavy $50,000 gold bar the size of a cell phone. It had the jeweler’s stamp on it as well […]

Not Just Ancient History

he historical evidence for Jesus is long-established. Within decades of His life, He is mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians, as well as by many Christian writings. Compare that with, for example, King Arthur, who “maybe” lived around 500 A.D. The sources for events of that time do not even mention Arthur. He is first […]

Seeing Is Believing

The black dots you see don’t really exist. Whenever you look at one directly, it disappears. We live in a visual age. Seeing is believing! We only believe in what we can see and touch. To believe in anything else is thought to be misguided faith and fantasy — those who are weak-minded have to depend on […]

I Just Couldn’t Help Myself

just couldn’t help myself; that bud smelled sooooo good,” said David Allen Thompson as he was booked in the small Pennsylvania town of Charleroi. The list of charges looks pretty nasty … – theft by unlawful taking, – receiving stolen property, – tampering with/fabricating physical evidence, – possession of a small amount of marijuana. So where did 27-year-old David get […]