Gracious God, Thy Children Keep

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Jesus guide thy silly sheep;
Fix, O fix, our fickle souls;
Lord, direct us; we are fools.
Bid us in thy care confide;
Keep us near thy wounded side;
From thee never let us stir,
For thou know 'st how soon we err.
Lay us low before thy feet,
Safe from pride and self-conceit;
Be the language of our souls,
Lord, direct us; we are fools.
Dang'rous doctrines from without,
Lies and errors round about;
From within a treach'rous heart,
Prone to take the tempter's part.
By thy word we fain would steer,
Fain thy Spirit's dictates hear;
Save us from the rocks and shelves;
Save its chiefly from ourselves.
Never, never may we dare,
What we are not, say we are;
Make us well our vileness know;
Keep us very, very low.
May we all our wills resign,
Quite absorb'd and lost in thine;
Let us walk by thy right rules;
Lord; direct us; we are fools,