215. Happy They Who Trust in Jesus

by T. Kelly
Happy they who trust in Jesus;
Sweet their portion is and sure;
When the foe on others seizes,
He will keep His own secure.
Happy people; happy people;
Happy, though despised and poor.
Since His love and mercy found us,
We are precious in His sight;
Thousands now may fall around us,
Thousands more be put to flight;
But His presence, but His presence,
Keeps us safe by day and night.
Lo! our Savior never slumbers,
Ever watchful is His care;
Though we cannot boast of numbers,
In His strength secure we are.
Sweet their portion, sweet their portion,
Who our Savior’s kindness share.
As the bird, beneath her feathers,
Guards the objects of her care,
So the Lord His children gathers,
Spreads His wings and hides them there.
Thus protected, thus protected,
All their foes they boldly dare.