224. He Is Coming! Who Is Coming

He is coming! Who is coming?
Is it One whom I shall fear?
No! The blessed Savior, Jesus—
He who suffered for me here;
He is coming! He is coming!
In the clouds He will appear.
Oh, how happy! Those who love Him,
All His beauty then shall see;
And the glorious sight will make them
Bright and beautiful as He;
In a moment, in a moment,
Like their Savior they will be.
He will take them up to heaven,
From this world and sin apart,
There His Father will receive them
To His home and to His heart;
In His glory, in His glory,
Nevermore from Him to part.
Happy people who are waiting
For that bright and joyful day,
Knowing Jesus as their Savior,
They can watch for Him and say,
"Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord Jesus!
Take Thy waiting saints away."