Hymn of Praise

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Nearer, my God, to Thee,—
I cannot be;
Christ's blood hath made me nigh,
Praise, praise to Thee I
Now blest in Christ Thy Son,
Thy love to Him my own,
This shall be still my song,
Praises to Thee!
Pilgrim and stranger here,
I journey on;
Upward my heart now turns,
Heaven is my home;
Thy love constraining still,
Henceforth to do Thy will;
Praises my spirit fill,
All praise to Thee
Now, let my walk and ways,
More Christ-like be;
Ever delighting in
His love to me:—
Till I shall see His face,
Owning Thy sovereign grace,
That brought me to this place—
Nearness to Thee.
Lessons, on desert sands,
Now taught by Thee;
Causes my heart to sing,
More praise to Thee!
Trials thus sent do bless,
Partaking Thy holiness,
Peaceful fruits of righteousness,
Bring praise to Thee.
Sweet is the blessed hope
Given us by Thee;
Glory with Him who died.
On Calv'ry's tree
Oh! what a song we'll raise,
Singing His worthy praise,
When on Himself we gaze—
And like Him be!